Below are descriptions of beans we offer.  We typically have three bean varieties at any given time.  If you would like to purchase a specific type of bean, you will have the opportunity to select the bean type when you add a pound to your shopping cart. If the bean you choose is out of stock, you will see that indicated when you try to add that bean type to your cart.  

Peru | Gilmer Mejia


We are excited to offer our first single origin Peruvian coffee. Coffee beans from Peru are the best kept secret in South America and have created a buzz in the coffee world.

This coffee, from the farm of Gilmer Mejia, is Fair Trade & Organic and is the Cattura varietal.

Gilmer Mejia operates his beautiful Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada, a farm his father, Filadelpo Cordova Mejia, acquired for growing coffee in 1990. Wilmer is sure to pick all his coffees ripe and by hand, as they mature under the protection of wild shade trees. He uses compost and guano to fertilize his farm, and uses no herbicides. Gilmer is a young and innovative producer who is committed to and passionate about quality in every way.

These Peruvian beans brew a complex cup of coffee, packed with a punch of mild fruity acidity - dense and layered with notes of honey, fig, toffee, and cocoa. This special coffee won’t last long!

$15 per pound

Guatemala | Finca Isabelita | Microlot

El Salvador Image.jpg

Rowlett Coffee Roastery is now offering an amazing microlot from Guatemala - Finca Isabelita! Microlots are special because these beans are grown in limited quantities and this is one you don’t want to mis.

Ismar Isabel Martínez Sáenz owns the farm, Isabelita, which is planted with about 1,200 coffee trees. Ismar grows Caturra, Pache, and Chimeco variety coffee. After being picked the coffees are depulped the same day and fermented dry for one or two days, depending on the weather.

These Guatemalan beans brew balanced, clean cup of coffee: sweet and savory with big tart acidity and a sugary mouthfeel; very fruity with chocolate, caramelized sugar and citrus fruit flavors."

$14 per pound

Blanca Lidia Gómez de Burbano - Finca La Laja

Blanca Lidia Gómez de Burbano - Finca La Laja

Colombia - Finca La Laja

Colombian coffee lovers are going to be delighted with our newest Colombian bean offering!

Blanca Lidia Gómez de Burbano owns the 1-hectare farm she calls La Laja, where she grows Maragogype coffee trees. These beans come from a small production microlot and highly regarded variety select grade.

The Colombian Finca La Laja beans will brew a cup of coffee that is mild, sweet and clean. You will taste notes of cocoa, toffee and citrus. This is a very special bean that won’t be around for long!

$14 per pound

Brazilian Decaf


Coffee lovers will enjoy this silky smooth decaf coffee from Brazil. This coffee has all of the delicious flavor you would expect from fresh roasted beans, but it is caffeine free!

Another great thing about this coffee is the decaffeination process is done using the natural Swiss Water method - not the chemical decaffeination process typically seen in stores. Enjoy this lovely decaf coffee today!

We are constantly updating our stock, so check back often! If your favorite bean is not available, feel free to get in touch with us to find out when we will be re-ordering.

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